I am a veteran creative leader and storyteller with strong hands-on skills and a strategic growth mindset. I have facilitated complete pitch to production cycles for hundreds of projects, managing creative responsibilities and leading tactical teams to success . I’m able to translate goals into action, solve practical, technical and artistic challenges, and seek to elevate the discussion at all times.


• Organized / Process-oriented
• Collaborative and Inclusive
• Articulate Problem-solver
• Enthusiastic and Reliable



20+ years at the intersection of technology, art, and entertainment. I am content creator by nature, and have contributed to the storytelling, marketing, and products of some of the biggest media and technology brands in the world, as well as smaller businesses and startups.


As a multi-faceted creative leader, I often perform a variety duties while hiring and collaborating with talent to serve business goals. These case studies demonstrate my responsibilities both as strategist and technician.


Filmmaking is a complex system of collaboration, and I have fulfilled many different roles in the ecosystem. I produce, write, and direct, but also have experience in filming, editing, motion graphics, and animation.

Project: Sure As The Wind; documentary about JustAir

Role: Producer, Co-Director

For: A2XL

Project: Trailer for documentary series on how to start a coffee business.

Role: Producer / Director

For: TRUiC

Music: MKO

Project: Commercial for an AI powered business tool.

For: TRUiC

Role: Director

Motion Graphics: Ricardo Gomez

Project: Sizzle reel for music production company.

For: Modern Primitive

Role: Editor, brand consultant

Project: Ghost Kings; Game trailer made as an experiment in Unity.

Role: From Director to Art, created all assets and scenes and animations and virtual shots in the 3d engine + tools.

For: Education


Graphic design, illustration, painting, digital photography and 3D environments are essential to my workflow, process, and ability to quickly iterate and communicate ideas. I am visually-minded, and put pen to paper (or iPad) as often as possible. Here are a few selections of my visual work:


Writing is the fundamental tool of the creative visionary, in addition to art. I have created zines, written short stories, publlished magazine articles and interviews, penned columns, and continue to write social media posts, email blasts, web page copy, scripts, and various forms of copy. Some select experience:

  • Writer of “Blank” for Disney Interactive. Award-winning 40 minute stop-motion film.
  • Author of “Advanced Standing” column for Arthur Magazine. Exploring skateboarding as mind-body experience.
  • Wrote hundreds of scripts, captions, and descriptions for TRUiC social media content (IG/FB/Tw/Li/TT)
  • Lead Editor for weekly email campaign for entrepreneurs
  • Wrote all web copy for MeanGirls.com, Jackass.com, and BeingJohnMalkovich.com
  • Freelance writer for Grand Royal, Slap Skateboard Mag, Big Brother, and Warp
  • Currently represented by Selectric Agency for graphic novels.


I thrive in the context of creative challenge. My greatest impact occurs where creative potential aligns with business goals. Sometimes that is content marketing, sometimes that is brand building, sometimes that is pure entertainment. But whatever the task, I like to learn new things and push boundaries and work with talented, funny, inspiring people.


Contact: greg@fireflower.net / 213.705.4458